Just had an interesting text of one of my guys who does remapping too.

Thought you’d find this amusing mate, text from one of my customers:

Hi ###### can you ask your remap guys about a company called ##### #### ( to save anything legal, we’ll call them Black Toad) they have said they can get the M3 bhp up to 600? Cannot see how but would be interested how they see it? Will probably go ahead with your remap over the next week or so, depending on what they come back with.The Z4 seems better too!

The short of it is that they’re talking complete crap! ”
Black Toad”are well recognised in the remapping community to as being best avoided, low quality files, poor customer care, very inflated power claims etc, etc. Funnily enough they are owned by a firm who also franchise out tinting and they nick all our franchise ideas too!! Glad your finding the Z4 better.

Just received a really kind testimonial from Carl, our new Ultimate Tinting Staffordshire guy

I have been looking into various business opportunities for the past couple of years but never felt confident that the training or even the actual business prospects would live up to what was promised and advertised. I first contacted Tim after seeing his website and found him to be honest and very helpful. it still took several trips to north wales to visit tim and countless questions over the phone before i decided to sign up for the business in a box option. throughout this process Tim answered all our questions and had great patience, and as promised there was no pressure or constant sales calls.
The time eventually came for me to attend my tinting course and from day one it was exactly as promised. Tim is a very patient trainer and obviously very knowledgable. The way the course is structured was perfect for me as i haven’t got an automotive back ground and have never tinted a car in my life before. Tim keeps the atmosphere very relaxed whilst at the same time making sure you practise and practise until you get it right. As promised the course was completely 1 to 1 and there is no working on customers cars whilst on the course.
It was great that Tim gave me a key to the workshop so i could practice as much as i wanted morning or night which was invaluable for cementing the skills learnt during the day and also building confidence that i can actually do this.
The accommodation provided for the course was great and literally across the road.
I am now in my first week and just finishing off preparing my unit ready for work, I have already got 4 confirmed bookings for next week which have all come from the Ultimate Tinting website which proves that this really works.
I could keep writing about all the good points but i think the best testimonial is to say if anyone is reading this wondering weather or not tinting is for them give Tim a call you won’t regret it. also if you would like to speak to me about my experience with ultimate tinting then please look me up on the main Website and give me a call

The difference between our testimonials & others out there. Plus the latest!

The difference between our testimonials and our competitions are
A: ours aren’t scripted (please watch & read the competitions, they’re ALL the same )
B: we don’t shove a video camera in your face on the course. My god, what else can the poor buggers say!!

We like our guys to go back and think about what they’ve been through. EVERYONE of our testimonials has come from the guys off their own backs & are 100% untouched. We get testimonials months after courses and here’s the latest. Enjoy. I did 😃
Thank you chaps:

Hi Tim,

Its been a few weeks since my brother (Aamir) and I (Muhammad) were on your course. Aamir realised his final dissertation was due a month earlier than he thought and I was dragged across to Ireland for an Audit with work and in the last week have just become a dad again. We are now aiming to have our business up and running by the start of next month.

I just wanted to thank you for a brilliant and properly knackering week and a say a massive thank you to John our Tutor for sharing all his wisdom. I’m not normally one to write a review or testimonial but after the week we had with you guys I really felt I had no choice but to write one.

I am an Accountant by trade and over the last couple of years have been fed up of a 9 to 5 desk job. My younger brother Aamir is a Media student who will be graduating in May 2013. We both have a passion for business and have been researching different businesses we could start up. Although we have virtually no experience working with cars window tinting and wrapping seemed like a brilliant place to start mainly due to the low start up costs, exceptional margins and endless opportunities.

After months of researching different companies offering vehicle wrapping and tinting I found myself kept being drawn to your company. Although you weren’t the cheapest you were the most genuine and having spoken to you on the phone I wasn’t later hounded with sales calls or promotional material through the door. In fact the next time I spoke to you was 4 months later when I phoned you to book the course. We opted for the 8 day training course, 3 days tinting, 1 day flat glass and 4 days wrapping.

I have to hand it to John our tutor, he is a phenomenal guy and most definitely a master of his trade. I can hand on heart say you will not find a better trainer for window tinting or wrapping out there. He had the mammoth task of training two complete novices with no experience whatsoever working with cars and on top of that he was to train us how to wrap on one of the most difficult vehicles… an Audi Q7. John has a wealth of experience in the industry and its highlighted in his teaching. He has an in-depth understanding of the tools used for wrapping and tinting and the material and their manufacturing processes. He encouraged us to ask as many questions as possible, no matter how trivial they may have sounded. John picked up on our strengths and weaknesses and although there were two of us on the course he gave us one on one training when we needed it. His training method is bar none and he will be straight with you when need be, which to be honest, is what you want when your paying to learn a trade.

The course is pretty full on and as much as we enjoyed it we were knackered by the end of it. The course provided plenty of practical experience and we were even given keys to the garage to practice as much as we wanted in the evening. We ended up working some very late nights to get the Q7 completely wrapped from black to white.

As well as the training we were given contacts to the best suppliers in the industry and manuals and training guides on how to develop and expand our own business. Tim and John have done a brilliant job designing this course. My brother and I both felt Tint School is not simply a company chasing profits but instead is one that truly wants its trainees to succeed in their own business venture and Tim and John will pretty much support you where they can to get you where you want to be.

Aamir and I left the course not feeling like professionals but felt we were equipped with the necessary means to go out and start a business in vehicle wrapping and window tinting and in time hopefully become professionals in the trade. I would most definitely recommend Tint School to anyone looking to go into this trade as you simply will not get what you get with these guys anywhere else.

We have three cars lined up for wrapping next month and several for window tinting so will keep you posted how we get on.

A big thanks again.

Muhammad & Aamir Azhar

P.S I will give you a call tomorrow, I need to order films and blades

A very kind testimonial of Neil

I just want to say thank you to you both at Ultimate Tinting. The 4 day course was amazing I learnt so much from John and he was a pleasure to work with. The course was worth every penny in my opinion. So thanks again and ill see you again soon.
Neil Preece. Feb 2013

Many thanks Neil, we both wish you all the best in the future and don’t hesitate to call us if you need anything..

We’re specialists in what we do

Here at Tint School (despite the name) we are specialists in window tinting and vehicle wrapping training. Between myself & John ( Ian in Spain and Olaf in Germany) we have over 60 years in the industry 😳. This is all we do. Maybe this is why we’re booked solid for months in advance and have no need to diversify.. I personally have been tinting since ’98 and training since ’04 ( when the competition were still is school😄😄😄). I’ve learnt the hard way but its all these life experiences that have help mould our courses into the most popular in the UK …. I know we’re not the cheapest but then who wants cheap when you’re looking at the long term and that’s what we’re into it for, as we’ve proven over the years…
So pick up the phone and book your specialist 1-2-1 training course with Tint School ..

A lovely testimonial from Carl last week

Rather than sticking a video camera in your face like some other companies, we like our guys to get back and think about just what they’ve achieved with their time with us, then if they think we’ve deserved it, it’s lovely if we receive a testimonial from our previous trainees . Just got this from Carl from last week . Cheers mate…….

I have not long been back from my tinting training and just wanted to say a great thanks to Tim and John. I had been looking at getting into tinting for a while and contacted various people regarding training but kept going back to Tims site again and again and realised i wanted proper 1 to 1 training by the masters of the trade.

Tim and John were great trainers and not afraid to point out where i was going wrong and put my mind at ease until i got it right. The good thing is that with the accommodation being only over the road i could practice in the evening when i wanted which was great for confidence and piece of mind. The litereature and information i have taken away with me is also a great bonus and will help me in the future, and knowing that Tim and John are only a phone call away if needed is great as apart from what i have gained from the training i have also made some mates too.

“Masters of the trade” 😄😄 I like that👍👍

Amazing phone call today

A bloke rings up ” hello , do you do the tinting training? ”
“Yes” says me ” where do you live?”
“Swansea, South Wales, where are you?” Says he.
“I’m in North Wales” says me.
Which in my experience normally means they don’t want to travel, so I asked ” is that to far away?”
” I don’t know where that is” says he…
WHAT !!!!! He lives in South Wales and doesn’t know where North Wales is.. Lets just say it was a very short conversation after that… Lol!!!!!!!

When deciding which tinting course to do

Make sure you ask your training provide r to provide you with people you can speak to who done their courses. One of our recent clients did this with our competition who eventually gave him 2 numbers. We can instantly give you 30+ going back over 5 years. And give us a bit longer and we’ll come up with many many more. We’ve trained people 6 even 7 years ago who are still going strong today👍😃. Speaks volumes doesn’t it….

A great testimonial from Dean, cheers mate, that was very kind

I have recently finished my three-day tinting and one day flat glass course with Ultimate Tinting and I wanted to write a few words to help other people that are looking to get in the tinting business,
I have always had a passion for cars after working in the motor trade for seven years I took at career change leading me in to the emergency services, since working there I have realised that working with cars is what I wanted to get back into,
I started looking into tinting courses and I found a few different companies offering there services, thankfully I did my research as I realised there are a few companies out there that are advertising the tinting training courses but most of what they’re are offering isn’t as they say, there hard, pushy sales technique nearly had me sign up with them.
Then I found a company called Ultimate Tinting and after speaking to Tim, he helped me a great deal. I went down to Wales to meet Tim and we had a good talk this is when I decided to do the business in a box. The training, advice and support that I have received so far from Tim is fantastic.
I am due to go back in the near future to do my four-day wrapping course.
All I can stress is do your research and contact people that have already done this and get there opinions and feedback you will soon realised that there is only one company for this, Ultimate Tinting,
Dean Cooper Ultimate Tinting Wakefield


Was asked last week why we’re always working weekends?

3 reasons
A: because it helps our customers as most are already professional self employed people, busy in the week so coming here over the weekend enables them to take just 2 days away not 4.
B: to get people in as soon as possible. In the summer we had an 7 week waiting list. No days off for us for 2 months😳.
& C: no one else offers this service😜

Because EVERY course is tailored to YOU, we endeavour to work to your time frame if we can. Not you to ours, as everyone else does. This is cause they have staff to pay and can’t afford to pay overtime for the weekends.
This is one reason why we’re #1 still after 7 years 😃.